Specialized in performing the administrative and operational activities of companies so that their managers can focus on the strategic areas of their business, such as new product development, production, marketing and sales.
Accounting firm also specializing in outsourcing back-office activities. Through the full use and sharing of technology resources, it provides process optimization, best practices and enables client Managers to focus on strategic areas of their business, leaving B2corporate to handle document processing, information and bureaucratic issues. B2corporate emerged from the union of professional business Managers with specialists in the business advisory segment, combining knowledge of the needs and expectations of companies with the improved technique of professionals who master the best practices in performing specialized services, consulting and projects. Our full outsourcing solution (full BPO) offers professional services, system technology and infrastructure in a seamless and integrated manner. In this model, the client company’s administrative, financial and accounting processes are executed by the BPO team, the client receives the ready accounting and management reports, without the need for investment in technology and internal structure to perform all processes that precede this final result.
Our wide range of activities includes: outsourcing of back-office, financial and accounting services – business analysis and creation of financial models – Legal Advice – administrative and technological support for startup and corporate restructuring – review of processes, operating models and systems implementation.
We use differenciated technological structure that provides ease of access and cost reduction to the customer. The servers are cloud computing and our ERP system has the possibility of being extended or integrated to the client operation. We have a digital document linking device that eliminates the need to keep documents on file, what significantly reduces the cost of document delivery and archiving, which also facilitates research and consultation, and contributes to the preservation of the environment.
Provide business advice in accounting, controlling, financial, legal, administrative, planning, systems and projects, combining professional experience, best practices and technology to meet and exceed expectations, always seeking excellence in the execution of activities and building synergies with clients, employees and suppliers.
Professional ethics and quality service are the pillars that guide our performance and our relationship with third parties.
We are geared to producing information that is fast, secure, yet concise and simplified, both in its presentation and availability.
We offer a complete service package. Learn more about our Full-Service solution and get all the benefits that our BPO can offer to your business.