Full BPO Services

Keep your employees focused on business. B1Corporate takes care of back-office routines

We offer the outsourcing option in which the client has at its disposal a complete structure and a qualified and well-trained team to perform all back-Office tasks. The BPO scope includes full execution of back-Office and system operation routines (e.g. invoicing, purchasing, inventory, finance, payroll, etc.), as well as accounting closing, balance sheet signing, audit compliance, corporate reporting, and support to business analysis.
The customer has full access to the system for monitoring, with the option to activate the approval workflow. You also enjoy a powerful environment full of relevant information to your business. Reporting, queries, and analysis are easily integrated with all Microsoft Office tools, and system navigation is simple and fast.

Outsourcing services (BPO) are performed at leading ERPs platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and TOTVS Protheus . We share our ERP to run Startups operation or to run the operation of Companies that are not willing to acquire an ERP system.

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We offer a complete service package. Learn more about our Full-Service solution and get all the benefits that our BPO can offer to your business.