Finance BPO
Our Finance BPO covers all AR and AP processing throughout an integrated information and document flow. With a specialized and well qualified team, summed to optimization of our ERP technology and combined to the market best practices, we assure reliability to cash flow projections, even with a significant cost reduction on Finance operation. Find below the key services included on our Finance BPO:

Outsourcing services (BPO) are performed at leading ERPs platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and TOTVS Protheus . We share our ERP to run Startups operation or to run the operation of Companies that are not willing to acquire an ERP system.

BPO services offer to Finance Operation area
BPO Finance Operation
In the ERP-sharing BPO model, the customer has online access to the system, so efficiency is immediately apparent in the available performance indicators and business analytics. Managerial and statistical information is available in real time, whereas in traditional models, the customer would have to wait for the closing to find that something should have been corrected in the month that already ended.
We offer a complete service package. Learn more about our Full-Service solution and get all the benefits that our BPO can offer to your business.