Start-Up (Local and Foreign Companies)

We support start-up companies in administrative, accounting, tax, legal and operational matters. We provide our administrative and technological structure since the entity opening to assist the client from the establishment and contracting of the organizational structure to the maturation of the operation.

Business Analysis and Planning Cycles

We advise the client in the preparation of scenarios and the construction of analysis and planning models that best fit the business profile and the companyʼs management structure.

Creation of Financial Analysis and Investment Models (Business Intelligence)

We outfit the companyʼs information structure with reports and performance indicators relevant to monitoring and decision making. We scale and deploy Business Intelligence (BI) applications according to the complexity of the organizationʼs management structure.

Reorganization and Process Review

We set up proposals for resizing the internal structure of the company considering processes, systems and best match between an internal staff and third party resources.

Systems and IT Infrastructure (Deployment)

We offer consulting services to support system deployment from process mapping, defining best solution up to end-user training and assisted operation. We have a technical team specialized in the mapping and sizing of equipment, network and connectivity, necessary to ensure safety and operational continuity.

Outsourcing services (BPO) are performed at leading ERPs platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and TOTVS Protheus . We share our ERP to run Startups operation or to run the operation of Companies that are not willing to acquire an ERP system.

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