BPO of Payroll & e-Social
We ensure investment reduction in RH and Payroll structuring

With the allocation of highly specialized professionals, B1corporate guarantees quality, optimization and safety in Payroll processing and in the compliance with labor legislation. In addition to proven cost savings, we release customer’s in-house staff to be focused on strategic HR issues.

Simplify your HR department by being more productive and spending less
Through a flexible BPO offering, tailored to your needs and structure, we perform all payroll processing activities

BPO – Payroll & e-Social services offered by B1corporate

Payroll e-Social
Our system has native integration between Payroll and Benefit Program system. We share the Payroll system with the customer, what includes also advanced HR tools that can be used by the internal RH staff to:
  • Budget and Control of Payroll costs
  • Time Clock System
  • Recruiting and Selection
  • Positions and Salary
  • performance evaluation
  • Internet Portal to share information with employees
  • Control HR KPIs and Metrics
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Training and Development
  • Labor Suits
  • E-Social
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