BPO of Tax & Accounting
Comply with the complex Brazilian tax legislation

B1corporateʼs Accounting and Tax BPO acts in the processing of transactions providing in “cloud” and in real time the view of business statistics. Once business-relevant information is defined, analytics, reports and graphs are available in a daily basis to guide strategy and decision making. The package also includes all routines related to tax calculation and compliance with taxes obligations, especially SPEDs.

Our Accounting and Tax consulting Firm provides studies and planning for business analysis, legal, tax, and review of process design.

Outsourcing services (BPO) are performed at leading ERPs platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and TOTVS Protheus . We share our ERP to run Startups operation or to run the operation of Companies that are not willing to acquire an ERP system.

Accounting and Tax Services Offered by B1corporate

BPO of Tax & Accounting
We use differentiated technological structure, which provides easy access and cost reduction, as the company information is available on cloud servers, and can be accessed in real time over the Internet. The System also features a device that links digital documents to the accounting records, avoiding the need to keep paper on file, significantly reducing delivery costs and eliminating the process of document archiving.
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