Outsourcing services (BPO) are performed at leading ERPs platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and TOTVS Protheus . We share our ERP to run Startups operation or to run the operation of Companies that are not willing to acquire an ERP system.


Reduction of operation cost

BPO is the business processes outsourcing to aim operation efficiency and cost reduction. Our business model leverage scale gain throughout the sharing od resources. On top of that, our staff is specialized to run Backoffice activities in ERP systems and focused in continuous training to pursue productivity increase and process optimization.

Quick and flexible activation

With skilled staff and a business management system that uses industry best practices, we eliminate the cost of learning and enable full management from day one. For this reason, the services offered by B2corporate allow access to new markets quickly and with significant investment reduction.

Reduce staff costs and eliminate labor risk

The current low availability of skilled professional in the local market implies greater difficulty in hiring, high turnover rates and the consequent increase in the cost of staff training. With outsourcing, the legal uncertainty generated by the complex Brazilian labor legislation is eliminated.

Focus in Core Business

Using B2corporate's services enables the development of a process models that provides quality control and information for decision making, enabling also productivity gains and increased company’s team dedication to strategic matters.